Tuesday, October 30, 2012

To my little Teflon pot

Dear pot,
I'm sorry for your traumatic adventure of the other night. You've always been a good pot to me, boiling water and steeping tea without a care in the world. Without you, I would likely still be spending a dollar a day buying sweet tea from the convenience store down the road. But you saved me from that! You help me to make tea of my own, enough to last several days.
But the other day, I let you down.
I'm so sorry I left you boiling for an hour. My memory was never very good, you must understand. It wasn't until I smelled smoke that I realized my mistake. There you were, smoking on a hot burner, all your water gone, your Teflon coating melted on the bottom. Your once-silver outlines were blackened with soot. I poured water in you at once, but it was too late. You'd been in agony for far too long.
And so, my dear little pot, please forgive me for my inadequacies as an owner. I managed to clean you up yesterday, and you still made tea for me, as patient and industrious as ever.
I'll try to be kinder to you in the future.

Your apologetic owner,
~Miss Monday