Saturday, September 26, 2015

I've Missed This Blog

Hello, blogspot, my old friend!
It's been quite some time (almost a full year? Goodness!) since I posted here. I had actually resolved to leave this blog to gather dust, a chronicle of my youthful years, but not to be posted in anymore. I moved to wordpress, which many assured me was a much better blogging tool, and started two more "professional"-looking blogs (Meet the Adventure, a blog with such tight quality control I've only posted in it twice, and Beth's Daily Story Challenge, a flash fiction blog that's a bit more sporadic than daily now). But I was sitting at desk, bored out of my wits because homework obviously doesn't exist on weekends, and I realized something important.
No matter how much professional content I may be trying to create, there is always going to be room in my life for a personal blog. A space where I can relax my writing style and post something goofy or messily intimate and not feel as though I need to edit again and again before I can allow anyone to see it but myself. A more honest, intimate space, more journal than public forum, that I can share with others and say "Yes, this is a part of who I am."
This doesn't mean that I'm going to post that much more, or that many more people are going to see this. I'd be surprised if anyone beyond one or two of my old friends will keep up with anything I post. But that's alright -- sometimes I just need a space to post a list of silly phobias, complete with mildly inept illustrations.
I'm allowed to be goofy, and silly, and mildly inept. Those are all part of my personality, along with the creative yearning, the staid professionalism, the elements of myself that I would put on my resume.
Hello, Unicorns -- I'm Beth, and I'm back.

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