Thursday, February 11, 2016


They like to tell the story in chapter 2
Of how God took me from man's side
Molded stolen bone and flesh into man's image
A nice little helpmeet
To end poor Adam's solitude
They rarely tell the story in chapter 1
Of how on the sixth day God made us both
How God created man and woman there,
Two humans, equals,
In God's image

They like to tell the story in verse 12
Of how I ate forbidden fruit
Then fed it to my hapless husband
How we all fell
Because I sinned
They rarely tell the story in verse 6
How hapless Adam stood nearby and watched,
Waited there to see if I would die
Before he came
To taste it for himself

They tried to tell my story throughout history
To show my daughters they are weak like me
That they must bow and let their husbands rule them
Accept oppression
For their own safety
They've tried to quell the stories throughout history
Of how my daughters' strength made all my children strong
And how the broken curse has set them free
God's well-loved daughters,
In God's image.

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